MJ Construction created an amazing transformation of our bathroom. Derek and his team were professional, friendly, and accommodating to all of our requests.

John & Susan, Brampton

General Contruction

Our complete renovation/remodeling can include but is not limited to:  replacement of all fixtures (tub, toilet, vanity, faucets), flooring, electrical fixtures (Any reference to electrical work is all done by ECRA/ESA license contractors),  and installation of in floor heating system.  Let our consultant show you the potential and design options for your bathroom.

 Professional  Installation

We have a crew of very experienced, highly skilled and courteous installers that makes the renovation experience a pleasant one for the customer.

Quality & Affordable Rates

We offer competitive prices while providing the best service to you and your family. Don’t believe us? Click below to get your free quote!

FAQ - Bathroom

A Complete Bathroom Remodel

To help develop a budget to remodel a bathroom, we have developed some general figures of cost per square foot. These figures include the replacement of vanity, countertop, sink, toilet, tub, shower, flooring and painting of walls.

1. Figure out the size in square foot of the space you wish to remodel.

Replacing items in an existing bathroom

If you are seeking to replace items in your current bathroom or kitchen and do not want a complete remodel:

1. Replacing countertops, cabinets, sinks, toilets, bathtubs and showers will require a personal visit to determine a budget.

Why do the windows and mirrors fog even when the fan is running?

If windows and mirrors are very cold, condensation can still form on these surfaces. And if your bathroom is sealed tightly, replacement air may not be entering the room fast enough to displace the moist air. Be sure to undercut your door sufficiently to draw fresh air into the room. Fan placement can also be a factor. Your fan should be located far from the replacement air source to ensure the moist air is drawn out first. Finally, too many twists and turns in the ducting will significantly reduce the ability of the blower to remove moist air. Make sure your ductwork is as short and straight as it can be, with gradual turns rather than tight corners where necessary.

I Need My Bathroom To Be More Accessible And Safer – Can You Help With That?

Yes we can. We’re experts at helping you select the right products for Easy-Access Bathrooms and then installing them correctly. For more information please contact us.

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